Demolition Company: Gold Edition

Posted on by Tom Hillman
Demolition Company: Gold Edition

Demolition Company Gold is a strange beast – on one hand it is utterly, truly, awful but on the other we felt constantly compelled to play the darn thing.

The premise is a simple one, you work for a Demolition Company and take on jobs across the city to tear down structures for cash. The cash you earn can then be used to buy better equipment which in turn lets you take on the bigger jobs.

Initially all you have access to is your trusty sledgehammer which knocks individual bricks out of walls. It’s actually as time consuming and boring as if you were doing it yourself in real life, in fact, we’re sure the developers are trying to instil a deep message of futility regarding how the urban jungle consumes nature by spreading like a virus; or perhaps not…

Thankfully it’s not long before you rank up through the training and get access to various types of bulldozers, wrecking balls and explosives. Kerching! If there’s one thing that’s fun in this game it’s setting up explosives and trying to bring a structure down in an controlled manner. The gameplay here almost scratches the same itch Angry Birds does in a way – it’s great fun just to pack a structure to the rafters with TNT and let it erupt into something J. J. Abrams would be proud of.

In terms of the aforementioned vehicles in Demolition Company Gold, well, they handle bloody terribly and it’s far more effective to ram a building with the expendable boom of your high-reach excavator than carefully knocking out the support beams. It is rather satisfying however when you get the arc on your wrecking ball just bright and hit the building’s sweet spot just before it proceeds to implode on itself.

Visually the game looks OK in the most general sense, however, just don’t expect Crysis 2 visuals. In terms of the sound effects, well, the compressor in the Jackhammer sounds as annoying as it does in real life – monotonous and droning are two words that come to mind. Still they nailed that bang on. One aspect which is worth noting is the physics which Astragon have developed in the game – bricks and masonry do crumble and fall really nicely. In fact you can see the stresses you are putting on a building when you start removing structural parts of it.

All in all, Demolition Company Gold could be loosely described as a bit like someone giving you a nipple twist, for most people it’s an unpleasant experience which you don’t want to go through more than once. However for a special few out there it feels quite good and you keep coming back for more; now, you just need to decide whether you are one of those people with a glutton for punishment or not!

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