I Love Strawberries

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I Love Strawberries

I love Strawberries; no, that is not a statement but a new iPhone game from COFFEE STAIN STUDIOS in which you control a strange little square person, aptly named BoxBoy, who loves strawberries a bit too much; to the point of risking life and limb to get a taste of their juicy goodness.

As with most of the hot selling iPhone games at the moment, like Angry Birds, this is a physics based puzzler in which you need to get BoxBoy to the final strawberry on the map, collecting as many berries as you can along the way. Navigating your boxy friend is relatively simple, by holding the iPhone vertically you can tilt the screen to change your angle and then simply press the screen to launch him into to sky and, hopefully, a safe landing. You gauge the strength of the jump by how red and strained BoxBoy’s face has gone, with full red launching him skyward at full speed. The skill is in the preplanning and learning how BoxBoy reacts to landing and hitting walls, as if you go at a funny angle you mess up your next shot.

The initial stages are relatively easy with no real challenges other than learning that full power for every jump is not always the best and that the tilt system works relatively well. But for more precise targeting, you can also remove the tilt sensors and just swipe at the screen with your finger for the perfect trajectory.  The later levels really throw it at you with spikes, lava and flame walls that result in instant death and even bumper tiles and moving platforms that can both help you gain access to higher areas and also condemn you to a quick death if you are not careful enough with your planning.

Though you have infinite tries to get to the large strawberry at the end of the level and very helpful flags that act as waypoints, the hook is the par for each level, with the main aim to reach the goal in as little jumps as possible. With some of the later levels having very strict par scores, frustration very quickly creeps in as you bounce off another moving platform and restart all over again. The added Facebook connectivity really ups the challenge as you can also post your best scores and compare with your mates.

With five environments each hosting nine levels with plenty of differing hazards plus the tight par this is a game that is the perfect remedy for short journeys. With the right balance of enjoyment and frustration, as it is inevitably your fault you killed your BoxBoy for the umpteenth time, I Love Strawberries is another great title that deserves space on your iPhone.



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