Lets Kick (start) this (Infamous) Adventure out of the park

Posted on by Graeme Strachan
Lets Kick (start) this (Infamous) Adventure out of the park

Terrible pun titles aside, this is a game that actually looks like it will be worth playing.
It feels like there are a never ending supply of games appearing on Kickstarter, ravenously begging for your cash and promising the earth.

It’s nice then that instead of the usual half-baked comparisons and a few naff drawings, the folk at Infamous Adventures have actually built a wee demo to show of, not only their game-making talent but also their quirky sense of humour and most importantly a taste of what the game will actually be like to play.

Anyway, you can download the demo from here: http://www.questforinfamy.com and get into the adventure of Mister Roehm and try out the three different puzzles-routes through the demo that can be found. Yep, that’s right, there’s even replay value here.

It’s currently got about 50 hours left and the next two days will decide quite how big the game will get, so if you like what you see, and want it even larger, then¬† you can drop into the Kickstarter and give them loads of your lovely cash!


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