Sony Reveal Playstation Move

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Sony Reveal Playstation Move

Sony took to the stage last night on the first day of the Game Developers Conference 2010. Other than the obligitory self aggrandising intoduction we see from every firm – Last year was our biggest yet, this year will be even bigger! – their conference had just one purpose: The full reveal of their motion controller, the PlayStation Move.

There were few surprises to be had as while the Move controller may use very different technology than the Wii remote, they appear to be almost identical in function. Videos showed Move in action in a variety of games including boxing, archery, ping pong, golf, dancing, lightgun-style shooting and more. All of it looked good and it’s clear that anything your Wii can do Move can do too.

The buzz word of the conference was ‘precision’ as they want everyone to know that these controllers are intended not just to ape the successes of the Wii but also to bring high quality new gaming experiences to their existing audience. Unfortunately hands-on reports from the event suggest that precision was sadly absent from the games on display. These games were early code though so hopefully any lag and choppy visuals will be cleaned up before long

Move’s functionality has been further expanded with the Move Subcontroller; a slightly smaller controller to hold in your other hand when you need extra controls for complex games. Much like the Nunchuck on the Wii it features an analogue stick and some extra buttons but it seems that it doesn’t have any further motion tracking functions.

SOCOM 4 was revealed as the first shooter to make use of these options and was the only game which seemed pitched at the ‘core gamer’ Sony mentioned. Sony are going to have to release more than one shooter to convince the core PS3 audience that Move is something that they need, but then, we have been hearing rumours that Killzone 3 is due at the end of the year and it will also feature Move controls. Maybe that would be enough.

Physically the Move controllers look a little odd with their big glowing ball on the end but are said to be very comfortable to hold and use. Slightly lighter than the Wii remote they use built in rechargeable batteries like the DualShock 3 and Sixaxis controllers.

One of the goals Sony stated for the Move package is to entice across some of the massive Wii audience who are looking to upgrade from their Wii. Sony feel they are the next logical step thanks to PS3 being, “a total entertainment package for the family.”

Move is scheduled for release this autumn and will be available as an individual item, in a starter pack with the primary controller, a PSEye camera and a game or packed with a PS3. The starter pack is said to be priced at about $100 in the US. Sony also said that they are treating this like a re-release of the console. It will certainly be an interesting time as Microsoft have made similar statements about the 360 and it’s motion control system Natal also due by the end of the year!



We will have more news from GDC as it happens.



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