Top 7 Games With Bananas In Them Somewhere

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Top 7 Games With Bananas In Them Somewhere

It has come to my attention that in a world where you can read about any old toss on the internet, articles or lists featuring video games with bananas in them are sorely lacking. While I cannot claim that this article will be the definitive banana / video game article for years to come, the research I have done should make this a good baseline for any further investigation.

Without further ado, we present the Top 7 Games With Bananas In Them Somewhere.

7. Fruit Ninja

You are a ninja. Someone is throwing fruit at you. Not just a wee bit of fruit. A complete metric f-ton of fruit. But it’s ok. You are a ninja. Sword out, slash the fruit as it comes towards your face. You will be ok.

In amongst all the different types of fruit that are thrown there are bananas in there somewhere. You get to cut them in half. For 69p. Yes, I know it used to be 59p THANKS STEVE JOBS.

6. Every Nintendo Game Ever

I don’t understand what is going on with Nintendo but they feel the need to put bananas in every game ever. If I wasn’t treating this list as seriously as I am, I could have put down seven Mario Kart games and just been done with it. But no, not only am I grouping all the Mario Kart games together, I am grouping all of the first party Nintendo games with bananas in them somewhere in an attempt to make this list more definitive. Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, virtually any game Miyamoto has ever got his small Japanese hands on will have bananas in there somewhere. If you are desperate for a banana / video game fix, Nintendo have you covered.

5. Worms

Many years before this article was even considered, Team 17 understood the importance of bananas in video games somewhere. So much so that if you were one of those smarmy wee bullies who used to punch me for my lunch money and owned a bloody Amiga like you were better than everyone else, you would have known that the banana (bomb) was the most powerful weapon in the whole game. When you finished using the blow torch to desperately dig a tunnel to keep your last worm safe, said bully would, without hesitation, throw a banana (bomb) down said tunnel and finish off the final member of your team. Fond memories.

4. Banana 

I don’t know anything about this game to be honest. Someone suggested it might be a good idea to include it in the list, as it is a video game called Banana so it is probably a fair assumption that it has bananas in it somewhere. If you ever get round to playing Banana and there are no bananas in it anywhere, please let us know in the comments below and we will amend this list from top 7 to top 6. [It has bananas in it – Ed]

3. Jumping Bananas

Another game with bananas in the title. I’ve actually played this one and I can confirm that not only does it contain bananas in abundance, Jumping Bananas also has multiple coins which appear to be franked with bananas on the side. I don’t believe this is an actual currency anywhere outside of this game but with such a high overall banana quotient, Jumping Bananas is an excellent inclusion on this list of video games with bananas in them somewhere.

2. Mother 3

Like your quirky Japanese RPGs? You will love this then because one of the characters, Fassad, a ruthless soldier who wears a gas mask which makes him look like a bit like a pig, never shuts up about bananas. The fact that this game is actually rather decent isn’t the main point here. The main point is that this game has bananas in it somewhere so justifies a high position on this list.

1. Tropico

Tropico is, at its heart, a Fidel Castro simulator. It is pretty brazen about the fact. In a day and age where originality is championed in video games, you think they could have come up with something even a little bit original. But no, your avatar wears green khakis, continually chews on a cigar and has a stupid accent – like the real Fidel Castro except his accent is real.  You have your own wee island. Let’s call it Kuba. You need to build infrastructure for the citizens, pacify the superpowers who each want to take control of you and Kuba and provide sustenance for your citizens including growing the crops for them to survive.

One of those crops is bananas. Well done Tropico on making it to number one on this list because of your inclusion of the fruit of kings.




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