The Top “Ten” Video Games of 2012 – #3

Posted on by Graeme Strachan
The Top “Ten” Video Games of 2012 – #3

Another adventure in the far flung corners of the Galaxy, as our countdown takes us ever closer to the Game of The Year.  We’re down to the top three games now and in the Bronze Medal position it’s the ongoing tale of a person called Shephard and their ongoing mission to seek out and have sex with pretty much anyone they can get their hands on before having an unfulfilling climax….

Graeme Strachan: And our 3rd best 2012 game…… No. 3:  Mass Effect 3

 Joseph Blythe: Have to admit, ME 2 is still sitting on my list of shame

Dave Whitelaw: Not played it yet – still trying to find the time / inclination to finish 2.

Phil Doyle: Still have to finish Mass Effect 2 =D I found the game fun but…dunno,never clicked

Chris Peebles: I enjoyed the game, up till about the last 10 minutes (improved by the Extended Cut only slightly) and the most fun I had in it was the multiplayer, but I still feel that Mass Effect 2 was a MUCH better game.

Andrew Travers: Really enjoyed the game, having different choices that can effect the game…which in the end felt like it didn’t matter.  ME2 was much better

Alan Williamson: Mass Effect 3 was the like the best fireworks display ever. Sixty hours of fireworks. You’d even given your favourite rockets names and bonded with them. Then you get to the last fifteen minutes, and it’s just one damp squib weaving in and out of space in a way that bends the laws of physics

Graeme Strachan: Let’s lay off any spoilery details of the ending.

Dave Whitelaw: I understand there was a lot of anger about the ending and the illusion of trust.

Chris Peebles: I’m okay with how they wanted to end it, but I didn’t like how they chose to. It felt very unlike anything in Mass Effect 1 and 2 before it and it generally left a sour taste in my mouth.

Dave Whitelaw: and the illusion of choice

Andrew Travers: agreed

Graeme Strachan: in fact let’s lets be very, very vague about the ending as some of us haven’t played it yet 😉

Alan Williamson: The dancing competition in the ending was a brilliant unexpected twist. The rest was disappointing

Phil Doyle: What about the reaction itself to the ending by the games playing public? Was that warranted?

Joseph Blythe: I felt that created a slightly dangerous precedent

Dave Whitelaw: I HATE the fact Bioware changed the ending due to fan pressure. That angered me and makes me not want to play ME3.

Andrew Travers: Not really, yea fans were pissed, but it wasn’t that big of a disappointment

Graeme Strachan: OK lets lay off the ending for 5 minutes and talk about the game itself!

Si Wellings: The multiplayer is excellent. And kudos to them for completely revamping it recently. All the dlc is free for multiplayer, something the likes of CoD fail miserably to provide

Chris Peebles: That’s something that should be commended. EVERY DLC for MP has been completely free. New characters, maps and objectives added. Probably because of the micro-transaction system, which I’ll gladly admit I paid money into.

Alan Williamson: I was surprised how good the multiplayer was. Very enjoyable. And I liked that it was all co-operative

Si Wellings: I still play it a fair bit now.

Andrew Travers: I really liked going about getting people to help you fight for Earth

Mitch Alexander: The story of 3 was amazing – I didn’t like the characters as much as those from ME2 – there were more of them, with more diversity.

Chris Peebles: It felt like they trimmed out stuff that made the game more fun. No more hacking meant that doors just took a couple more seconds to get through, the meta-game of gathering ships, resources and troops felt a bit tacked on and felt too much like increasing an arbitrary number than actually gathering a massive fleet, since there was never any interaction with them.

Chris Peebles: There was some good encounters that had taken into account choices from the previous games.

Graeme Strachan: I heard that they threw in a token mention of a gay marriage that sounded really clumsy and obvious in the way it was described to me.

Mitch Alexander: It wasn’t actually that bad, I felt. Still quite token, but nowhere near as cringe-worthy as you might expect.

Alan Williamson: I felt like ME3 was too much of a whistle-stop galaxy tour. Bioware were desperately trying to tie up loose ends in the series, and the story doesn’t get a chance to come into its own. The gunfights are superb though, almost as good as Gears of War. They really nailed the interplay of squad members

Andrew Travers: Well you could have your character be gay and even have inter-species sex

Graeme Strachan: like the guy just shouts “then MY HUSBAND…..”

Joseph Blythe: I never really liked the overblown coverage the gay elements in Mass Effect received

Alan Williamson: There’s a lot of fighting though. It’s hard to believe it’s the same franchise compared to the first Mass Effect

Chris Peebles: I didn’t like that new Mexican character that seemed to just be thrown in at the start.

Joseph Blythe: Thought back to something like Skyrim, where you could have same-sex marriages and there was no fuss at all

Mitch Alexander: He doesn’t shout it at all. He does make mention of his husband in a matter-of-fact way though.

Graeme Strachan: If it was done tastefully and subtly then that’s fine. it just wasn’t related to me as such

Chris Peebles: but I hear he becomes less of a dick if you actually interact with him. The issu e being that I didn’t want to because he seemed like every other stereotypical mexican soldier/cop dude in movies and such.

Mitch Alexander: Yeah, I did wonder if James Vega was a strawman of Typical FPS Characters or something similar.

Chris Peebles: I never felt as if the whole “husband” thing was that prominent either. I was just “Oh. That’s cool then.” and moved on.

Alan Williamson: Vega just sat in the back of the Normandy the whole time. Hardly spoke to him

Chris Peebles: Yeah, that’s his name.

Alan Williamson: The fact that other people forgot his name suggests that I’m not alone here

Graeme Strachan: Alan… just ignoring the staff as usual……. 😉

Andrew Travers: I never really used him, just at the start of the game

Alan Williamson: What did you say Graeme? I was playing Super Hexagon

Graeme Strachan: ha ha!

Chris Peebles: Exactly. My flatmate played through and said he’s am uch more interesting character if you talk through to him, but people don’t want to because of the first impression. It’s exactly like meeting real people. Bad first impressions mean you just don’t want to talk to him again.

Alan Williamson: But cheer up everyone! It’s the best new franchise of the generation

Mitch Alexander: I think it depends on the person – sometimes that /does/ encourage you to talk to them in a meta-game kind of way, like, ooh, I wonder what they’re really like (e.g., a lot of characters from Persona)

Alan Williamson: And if the take home message you get from this chat is “Don’t play Mass Effect 3″, you’d be dead wrong. Play all three. They’re fantastic

Si Wellings: Oh absolutely

Joseph Blythe: I’ve been waiting for the first to hit PSN, might do them all from the start

Si Wellings: They all have flaws, but they are certainly worth the time

Graeme Strachan: I’ve played 1 and certainly plan to play the rest, 1 was epic

Alan Williamson: You could always download the Trilogy from the Sony store for £700 or whatever daft price they’re charging

Graeme Strachan: aside from the fiddly combat

Chris Peebles: Of course. I did enjoy 3, but it wasn’t as good as I was hoping. Although the multiplayer is fantastic, and great fun (where I spent most of my time) it felt like they took some things out that I enjoyed, the story suffered (especially the ending) and it just didn’t impact me as much as 2 did.

Joseph Blythe: Someone tap me £700 plz

Alan Williamson: 2 is the best of the trilogy though. It’s Empire

Graeme Strachan: I’ve heard as much

Andrew Travers: ha ha

Mitch Alexander: I thought the combat was pretty good, but then, I’m not a big FPS player, so I’ve not much to compare against. I just found it accessible more than anything.

Alan Williamson: If you prefer another Mass Effect game, you’re that weirdo who prefers Jedi

Graeme Strachan: Or predator 2

Mitch Alexander: Or The Dark Knight Rises.

Si Wellings: Does that mean were going to get 3 dodgy prequels soon before they sell up and it features mickey mouse?

Chris Peebles: I loved TDKR :(

Mitch Alexander: me too

Graeme Strachan: Nah we’re getting 3 dodgy prequels to Gears of War instead

Joseph Blythe: I really like Alien 3 (wasntme)

Andrew Travers: It wasn’t as good as the dark knight

Alan Williamson: Alien 3? OUTSIDE

Graeme Strachan: Alien 3 rocks

Chris Peebles: That’s fine. I like Alien Resurrection the best.

Alan Williamson: Alien Resurrection? EVERYONE OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW

Si Wellings: GoW needs to disappear.

Graeme Strachan: GoW has run it’s course. I can live a long happy life never seeing a muscular man in body armour groan in a giant stupid city at sunset again.

Andrew Travers: yup, story over and move in. No need for prequels

Si Wellings: It never ran it’s course… it stumbled over a low wall and has been lagging ever since

Alan Williamson: I’m happy to not play another Gears of War game. Loved them but I’ve had my fill, much like Assassin’s Creed (stopped after Brotherhood)

Joseph Blythe: GoW had a story??

Graeme Strachan: Moving on then…. Also many many kudos for no-one at all bringing up Femshep…..

Alan Williamson: My cover has Femshep.

Mitch Alexander: same.

Joseph Blythe: How bout dat Femshep?

Si Wellings: meh…. its no more relevant than which race and gender you played in skyrim

Graeme Strachan: too late

And from these cold dark corridors of spacecraft and the endless unblinking expanses of space, our games of the year list brings us  literally crashing down to earth for the penultimate title. What game is it? All will be revealed tomorrow at 5. Till then, keep on space trucking!

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