The Top “Ten” Video Games of 2012 – #6

Posted on by Graeme Strachan
The Top “Ten” Video Games of 2012 – #6

Hammering in at number 6 in our Top “Ten” of 2012, it’s the most action heavy of all the games in the list. The sequel to another four-player online slaughter-fest of fun. Will the team be able to see eye to eye on a game for once? Not likely but let’s see.

Graeme Strachan: at No.6: Borderlands 2 ……. which I haven’t played

Alan Williamson: Really?

Chris Peebles: Didn’t play it. Didn’t enjoy the first one.

Phil Doyle: (Not played this one!)

Andrew Travers: Not played it either

Dave Whitelaw: Me neither

Si Wellings: Did you like the first one but wanted an actual plot? Here it is.

Joseph Blythe: I literally haven’t played any of the games so far, some games writer I am

Andrew Travers: but heard its better to play with a couple of people

Dave Whitelaw: I heard it was poor trying to play solo or with randoms

Si Wellings: It is definitely designed for a group outing. The difficulty ramps up the more of the 4 players there are,  and you get better weapon drops etc

Alan Williamson: I’ll be honest here. I heard it was an “eighty hour game” and was scared to start playing it.

Si Wellings: The characters in the game are very colourful and funny, although Claptrap is still the most annoying piece of crap I have seen in a game. short of Navi the fairy.

Graeme Strachan: Fuck claptrap. I hate him and I only played the first 3 hours of Borderlands 1

Alan Williamson: Between that and Diablo 3 (a game not in this list) I’m not sure I like the dichotomisation of game length into two hour blasts and eighty-hour epics

Graeme Strachan: Interesting Alan

Joseph Blythe: The sword lass in Skyward Sword was ten times more annoying than Navi

Graeme Strachan: You mean in our list Alan or in general?

Si Wellings: Well now instead of dance songs, he sings dub step… wub wub wub…

Andrew Travers: Navi was well more annoying

Si Wellings: I really like the way they have taken the typical rpg elements of weapon drops and turned it to an fps. It works really quite well, and also lends itself to teamwork. Often I find myself and friends swapping kit to make sure we are all as powered as possible.

Alan Williamson: I mean in general

Si Wellings: It definitely plays well, it’s fast, varied and like I say, character driven this time. Tiny Tina is awesome 😀

Alan Williamson: Sometimes you just want to play a game for 10 hours and then say “Lovely stuff, what’s next?”

Joseph Blythe: I do apologise for dropping in and out by the way, something is shafting my broadband and the router keeps dying

Si Wellings: Alan: That’s the difference between an rpg style game and a typical call of duty style fps?

Graeme Strachan: I heard there were vehicle issues in the first one did that get fixed?

Si Wellings: I’ve seen no real bugs.

Graeme Strachan: Yeah Spec Ops, and Max Payne 3. both 10-12 hour romps

Graeme Strachan: Si: No just the vehicles being pointless, not buggy

Alan Williamson: Call of Duty is also a game that wants you sucked in for 60 hours of multiplayer. I heard MP3 was much longer than that. Spec Ops is spot on

Graeme Strachan: Nah, it’s maybe 16 hours at most with a leisurely pace game

Alan Williamson: That’s a considerable investment of time

Graeme Strachan: It’s more than 2, less than 80

Chris Peebles: Has the shooting improved in 2? I had a real issue with it in the first Borderlands and it really stopped me enjoying the game a lot.

Si Wellings: It’s difficult to compare cod to borderlands. CoD is a single player and multiplayer as separate entities

Alan Williamson: you were the one who made said comparison mate 😉

Si Wellings: only in the single player campaign, CoD multiplayer is drop in drop out. Borderlands Multiplayer is the same as single player, but with more people.


We move into the Top Five with gusto tomorrow at 5pm! Where the entire crew actually chat about games, not just a handful.

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