The Top “Ten” Video Games of 2012 – #7

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The Top “Ten” Video Games of 2012 – #7

Slouching huskily into Number 7, it’s the highly polished and modern sequel to the well worn and much loved series that poopularised the Bullet-time function now obligatory in so many shooters. But does it deserve the hype, the legacy and the place in our Top “Ten” of 2012?

Graeme Strachan: again inched in only by a few points it’s No. 7: Max Payne 3

Si Wellings: Not played I’m afraid

Andrew Travers: I really enjoyed it.  I loved the first one

Phil Doyle: (Not played it! Must have only played the REALLY good games) But, For some reason I feel surprised it’s this high

Dave Whitelaw: Didn’t fancy this one tbh.

Alan Williamson: I loved the first two Max Payne games, but I just didn’t give a toss about this one

Chris Peebles: Although the story was a lot less Noire than the previous two, I really enjyoed where it went. It also, funnily enough like Spec Ops, had some really messed up stuff near the end of the game. The gunplay felt fantastic and I had a lot of fun with it.

Joseph Blythe: I heard this one was really a flawed gem

Graeme Strachan: I actually quite enjoyed it.

Chris Peebles: Maybe a too many of those forced slow mo sequences that were scripted, as cool as most of them were. I like doing that stuff myself

Andrew Travers: agreed

Chris Peebles: that’s what the shoot-dodge button is for

Graeme Strachan: Considering I had expected it to be absolute rubbish utterly divorced from the spirit of the first 2 games. It actually turned into a tonally nice piece. It is pretty shocking at points though.

Chris Peebles: As much as it wasn’t resolved in 2, I was glad there wasn’t really a love interest.

Graeme Strachan: as in horrifically nasty things happening to people, shocking.

Andrew Travers: He was too busy trying to sort his own stuff out though

Chris Peebles: Definitely. There was moments I was as freaked out as Max was. That was messed up

Graeme Strachan: I liked that it was unabashedly a noir movie without being classic film noir. Updating the concept for modern cinematic style.  More like Payback than Bogart

Chris Peebles: As much as I hated the compression on the cutscenes (I hear it was just a PC issue) I loved how they were done.

Graeme Strachan: Never had an issue on the PS3. I was annoyed you couldn;t shootdodge around corners any more

Chris Peebles: it was just really easy to tell what was in-engine and what was pre-recorded

Andrew Travers: I had it on xbox and never had any problems

Graeme Strachan: In terms of story I actually liked that it was more realistic than the previous Max Paynes. In as much as a MP game can be realistic

Chris Peebles: I agree

Graeme Strachan: actually on second thoughts, I just remembered the assault on the abandoned building level..

Chris Peebles: Saying that, I didn’t like the multiplayer.

Graeme Strachan: that was nuts

Andrew Travers: Yea that wasn’t done well

Graeme Strachan: I stayed away from the multiplayer mode

Chris Peebles: It felt really unbalanced when I tried to play. It was okay, but not worth the time

Alan Williamson: Why do so many games feel the need to crowbar in multiplayer, anyway?

Chris Peebles: They want to be Half-Life

Graeme Strachan: Interesting point Alan

Alan Williamson: Or in Payne’s case, slowly dodge it in

Dave Whitelaw: Because the bulk of gamers expect it. Rightly or wrongly

Graeme Strachan: I think it’s seen as obligatory now

Dave Whitelaw: Yep

Alan Williamson: Bioshock Infinite isn’t going to have multiplayer

Andrew Travers: A lot of people get pissy when there isn’t any multiplayer

Graeme Strachan: I know the makers of Spec Ops: The Line hated that the studio insisted on a Multiplayer aspect, went on record to voice their displeasure at it

Alan Williamson: Presumably because they played the BioShock 2 multi

Dave Whitelaw: Bioshock can get away with it

Alan Williamson: Max Payne should be able to get away with it, too

Dave Whitelaw: it’s a well established franchise and highly regarded. Agreed Alan

Chris Peebles: I felt the same way about them shoving in Multiplayer to Mass Effect 3, but it turned out to be my favourite part of the game.

Alan Williamson: We need to take a stand here, or LA Noire 2 will have some clue-grabbing Horde mode shenanigans

Graeme Strachan: What a horrid thought, and in some ways a wonderful one. Or a group “shout at someone for lying” mode

Andrew Travers: That would be hilarious

Chris Peebles: Better with Kinect!

Graeme Strachan: Oh fuck… What have we created?

Chris Peebles: Literally shout at your suspect!  Fus Ro Dah DLC coming 2013

Graeme Strachan: Ok so final thoughts on Max Payne 3: The Fall of the Rise of the Shaving of the Head of Max Payne

Chris Peebles: Great game. Great shooting, great progression of the story, good modernization of a classic franchise. Pointless Multiplayer addition.

Alan Williamson: Seems destined to be forgotten in a way the original games weren’t. It’s sold its soul a bit

Andrew Travers: Thought it was pretty good, multiplayer could have been better, all in all a fun game to play

Graeme Strachan: good stuff. Right. So and onto our next title


And so they went… onto Number 6. Tune in tomorrow at 5, for the next grim chapter in our Top “Ten” of 2012

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  • Si

    “We need to take a stand here, or LA Noire 2 will have some clue-grabbing Horde mode shenanigans”

    We need to make a stand or they will MAKE LA Noire 2…